Monday, 25 May 2015

The solution to clean your home safer

Let's create a chemical-free home

Most of the cleaning products are contain chemical residues that may harm human health, especially children. Don't make your home become dangerous chemical laboratory, replace them with chemical-free household cleaning products NOW! 

This multi-purpose cleaner will meet your day-to-day cleaning needs

EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner using 100% natural ingredients that have been proven gentle, mild yet effective, keeping your home safe for kids. This ready-to-use multi-purpose cleaner not only cleans dirt and oily surfaces, it contain lemon, coconut oil and cedar oil extract which have powerful antibacterial properties that can effective in killing bacteria and viruses, to ensure you and your family stay germ free

You may have different types of cleaning products for different purposes, however with EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner, you can meet all of your cleaning needs. 

From sofa, floor to the kitchen units; from toilet bowls, basins to bathtub; from cupboards to jewelry and even interior of cars, EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner can effectively clean, disinfect, remove stains, control mold and mildew, and deodorize.  No-rinse needed.

In order to protect dry and sensitive hands, EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner has added aloe vera extract to moisturize your hands. 

Just spray and wipe, no rinse needed, and it's sparkling clean.
How To Use:
·        Floor cleaning: 
Pour 50g Multi-purpose cleaner to 20 liters of water, stir well and mop, no rinse needed.

·        Environment Cleaning: 

Option 1: Spray EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner directly onto object’s surface, wipe up with a clean towel, no rinse needed.

Option 2:  Spray EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner on clean towel, wipe and you're done! 

·        Jewelry:

Pour a small amount of Multi-purpose Cleaner into 30ml water, soak gold jewelry, waterproof watches in it for about 2 minutes, then stir slightly, and they will become shiny and bright.

Natural VS Chemical:

EnviroHome Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Chemical Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Its chemical-free, bubble-free, fragrance-free and colorant-free product. Using only marine extract and botanical extract.
It contain petrochemical synthetic materials, such as surfactant, formaldehyde, alkyl, toluene, alcohols, ether EDTA, chemical fragrances, colorants, antiseptic, stabilizers and etc
Using 99.9% biodegradable method, together with dry-cleaning effect and anti-bacterial inhibition effects. Does not harm furniture, maintain usability and durability.
Toxic surfactants cannot remove the dirt, grease and germs. It may harm the furniture and jewelry, and supports the growth of bacteria.
It can dry clean sofa and carpet without produce an unpleasant smell, prevent mold growth.
Chemical residue may support the growth of bacteria and mold on carpet and sofa while smell musty.
It can clean the water in the vase and keep your flower last longer
Toxic residue on flower may cause the plant withered away before flower time. 
Safe to use, non-toxic, no residue, children and pets can play safely on the floor.
Those chemical substances remain on the skin that cannot be dissolved, permeate into the blood stream and cause skin diseases.

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