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UV Radiation Continue To Damage Skin Indoor

UV radiation can lead to premature skin  

As everyone think that lounging in an air-conditioned office is more comfortable than outdoor activities but actually it is risking our muscles to be weak. Once its not protected, many types of skin problems will come rolling in. Even if you are lazy to not try caring for your skin, just by understanding the three risk and you will be good to go.

Protect your eyes from computers and digital devices

1. Computer Radiation

Prolonged exposure to a computer screen can cause your eye muscle to be tight, in fact, the radiation can also affect the circulation of the eye causes tiredness, sore of eye socket and dark circles. We advice you to place a plant on your desk and look away from your screen every 30 minutes to rest your eyes.

Other than that, the brighter the screen, the stronger the radiation is and the larger the damage to the skin. Though dark screen can also cause tiredness. So we advice you to use the correct level of brightness and always make sure you are not to close to the screen.

Tips: After using the computer, quickly wash you face to clear all the radiation absorbance. If can, the best way is to use a cleanser and apply moisturizer afterwards.

Air conditioning can dry out your skin

2. Air-Conditioned room

Due to long term of lounging in an air-conditioned room, the skin will become dry and if you are emotionally stress, the moisture of your skin will become lesser and lesser. 

Tips : We advice to drink more pure water regularly to keep the moisture in your skin. Do not wait until you feel thirsty.

Glass window blocked UVB rays but allow UVA rays to pass through

3. Ultraviolet

The most important, even staying in indoors, we still cant hide away from the UV. Even offices light, projector screen or computer screen will also produce UV, that is why applying sunblock is a must for every women. 

Glass window filtered out UVB rays only, but UVA rays will still get through. If your desk is near the window, you must be more caution for your skin to prevent wrinkles and black spots.

Tips: You should wear sunscreen daily, no matter rain or shine.

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