Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Smart Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

Dont compare other peoples kitchen cupboard with yours. You must know that every kitchen has its different alignment, sometime it is not easy to find thing and making the kitchen a mess. 

Plan your traffic flow & workflow before you start a kitchen remodel

Plan your traffic flow & workflow before you start a kitchen remodel. Putting the stoves, basin and fridge in a suitable place for you, it is the best to place it between 90cm to avoid wasting time when preparing a meal. Next, differentiate cleaning area, cooking area and preparing area and storing area to avoid mess.

Wet sponge and wash towel must be squeeze thoroughly and allow to air dry completely

1. Cleaning area (basin): Dish washing detergent and cleaning items.
Tools: bucket, wash towel, sponge, dish wash detergent and others.

Try ThisPrepare a lot of clothing clips to hang the wet sponges and wash towel and allow to air-dry completely.

It's more convenient to put cooking sauces/seasonings in cooking area than preparing area

2. Cooking area (stoves): Cookware such as pots, frying pans and cooking utensils.

Try ThisUse a towel holder or string to hang cooking utensils.

Always dry your knives thoroughly before storing 

3. Preparing area: Knifes, colanders, knifes, measuring tools, chopping boards and others.

Try ThisWhen you cant find suitable box to storage all this small preparing items, use a cardboard and cut according to the size that you want.

Keep all the small items nice and organized in kitchen cabinet

4. Storing area (cupboard): Plates, cutleries and containers.

Try ThisUse cake holder or egg holder to be a separator, rubber bands and clips actually fix in inside a matchbox

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