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Things You Should Do During Shower

check out the common mistakes that you make in the shower

Staying in a hot and humid climate, we always take cold shower to decrease our core body temperature and remove the stickiness. It seems pretty straightforward and we do it at least twice a day, however we all probably making careless showering mistake that can harm our skin. 

A glass of water before shower helps to lower your blood pressure

1.    Drink Water Before Bath

"Dehydrate from your bath" seems like a stupid hypothesis but it's truth. You may in a big bucket of water but you're still sweating especially when in a hot baths. With less fluid in your system your heart can take a break, better drink a glass of water before bath or take shower helps to maintain the balance of body fluid, and lower you blood pressure.  

Hair wash should be last step in your shower routine

2. The Way You Should ShoweringHot shower open up the pores of the skin. To prevent the grease and dirts accumulate in the opened pores, always wash your face first in the shower. Then, clean your entire body. Be sure to wash under your arms and on your back. 

Steaming is great when you are deep treating your hair! Your hair and scalp get extra steaming time while you clean your  face and body. Steaming opens the follicles and allows shampoo remove dirts, dead cells, and grease from your hair, it also helps conditioner to penetrate deeper.

What if your shower is too hot or too cold? 

3. Perfect Water Temperature

Water temperature is probably not the first thing you think about when it comes to skin care, however wrong temperature can cause significant skin damage. Hot water will strip natural oil from the skin while cold water closed pores and slow down the cleansing effect.

The perfect water temperature should be similar to our body temperature, you may use lukewarm to warm water to shower, and a slightly cooler rinse after washing to closed the pores.  

Apply lotion after shower to prevent skin dryness 

4. Moisture Your Body After Shower

Moisture your body right after bathing is important as the minute you get out the shower, you lose your skin's moisture to the air. To prevent dry skin from getting worse, pat down your skin with a towel until it's almost dry instead of rubbing it.

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