Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Coconut oil

Coconut tree is known as "The Almighty Tree" and "The Tree of Life"

In India, people call coconut trees as The Almighty Tree. In Philippines and the Pacific island countries, they call it The Tree of Life, and for traditional medicine in Samoa, part of their medication process will sometimes use coconuts. In spite of different culture, language and religion, they all has the same way of think coconut as their main source of food and medicine.

Pacific islanders consider coconut oil to be cure for all illness

Cure for all Illness

Coconut oil have to be extracted from the fresh, white meat of coconut, it is not only named the world most healthy cooking oil but also called the ‘Cure for all illness!

A source said that the famous model, Miranda Kerr eat 4 tablespoons of coconut oil per day, either adding it into her salad or use it for home cooked meal and even mixing it with her tea to maintain the smoothness of her skin. Miranda Kerr is not the only one, the Oscar best actress, Gwyneth Paltrow said she used coconut oil a lot do on her face, her skin and in her cooking.

Coconut oil is a great skin softener without leaving a greasy feeling

Preventing water lost

Coconut oil is a oil that is soft and precious, 85% of it is saturated fatty acid, plus high concentration of mediam-chain fatty acid found in the coconut oil making it easy for the skin to absorb as it can form a protection layer on our skin to prevent water lose. It can hydrated the skin without leaving a oily residue.

Tips: Apply coconut oil on you nails after a fresh manicure

Coconut oil not only will add moisture and soften your lips, it can also use as a nail protection oil. After shower, apply coconut oil on your back, limbs, stomach and chest to keep your skin hydrated. Other that that, coconut oil also has a good cleaning effect as it can clean off dirt instantly on your skin.

Coconut oil's hydration properties soothe and nourish hair

Despite this, coconut oil has the best beauty effect on hair care, it can help with your damaged roots. This is because coconut oil can prevent damage when brushing your hair and form a protecting layer for your hair to decrease the friction between hair. Coconut oil can also strengthen cortical keratin and forms a lubricating film to protect the cuticle.

Tips: Apply coconut oil at the end of your hair to prevent damage.

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