Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mineral Salt

Dead sea contains high concentration of mineral salt 

The most alkaline lake - the dead sea has the highest level of alkaline density that is why it doesn’t have any living creatures in it. It is a lonely place but because of the richness of salt, it become valuable to humanity and also make us gain knowledge of it.

Salt plays key role in Chinese history 

Royal Ingredients

Since from the Northen Zhou dynasty 1500 years ago, the pureness, crystal like of the well mineral salt was already used in the palace for royals, even the leftovers from the bottom of the pot when producing salt were also used by the emperor and concubine for beauty usage.

Mineral salts play an important role in beauty

Following the product of well mineral salt, this salt began to be popular among the citizens. As the structure of mineral salt is similar to human blood and lymphatic, the salt can easily go into the blood and lymphatic helping humans to excrete old waste product and toxin thus plays a important part in beauty effect. Therefore, it is use as beauty products.

Mineral Salt helps to clean pores deeply

Deep Cleanse

The main usage of mineral salt is that it clears out the dirt through stimulating the sebaceous to secrete helping us to excrete the toxin from our body as it reach the standard of deep cleanse and tightening the pores making the skin looking flawless.

Salt water is good for helping heal wounds

Heal Scars

The zinc and sulphur are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that can speed up the healing process of wounds, clearing blackheads and acne and even dandruff as it has a whitening and moisturising affect of the sodium as it also helps with scarring.

Mineral salt keeps PH balance in our cells which also slows the aging

Stop Aging

The potassium in mineral salt balances the water balance in our body as it increases metabolism and has magnesium to immune sensitivity to certain activities to upgrade the DNA decreases the raging of cells. When the cells of skin are healthy, different types of skin cells will follow the main cell as it slows the raging of cells.

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