Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Kick-start your day with lemon and warm water

Fresh lemon fruit instantly let people think about the refreshing sensation. In the perennial summer as Malaysia, the exposure of lemon is more frequent. Other than the fresh and soothing smell, lemon fruit has an uplifting and refreshing effect of fatigue and the results of skincare and cleansing is relishing.

Lemon juice is common folk remedy for brighten your skin

Lighten Your Skin

For skincare products, lemon has rich vitamin B1, B2 and C as its good for antioxidant, and it helps lighten the skin. Lemon can desalinate and break down melanin, dark sweeping darker skin tone. 

A lot of acid composition can increase the ability for skin metabolism and remove old keratin that accumulate on the skin increasing the ability to absorb making the skin more brighter.


Lemon is natural and inexpensive home remedy for acne 

Home Cure For Acne

The presence of citric acid in citrus can promote the synthesis of collagen and increases the rate of wound healing and strengthen our immune system. Lemon extract essential is a natural antiseptic, its good for acne, pimple and blackhead because it heals them. 

Lemon extract also has the ability to cleanse, it cleans out the dirt in our pores and drench and firms our pores to decrease the forming of herpes. Other than that, lemon extract can even the oiliness of our skin making our face more refreshing.


Lemon is your natural cleaning solution

Clean With Lemon

Lemon has a great effect on cleaning. It helps with removing calcium, furring, residue of soup and oily surface. It has the ability of removing odour, antiseptic and oxidation which are helpful in kitchen and bathroom.

However, natural lemon extract and vinegar has similar abilities, therefore it is suitable for non-poison usage. Example: dispenser, baby bottles and cooking utensils. Its cleans through all the leftover dirt and remove unwanted smells. The best part, lemon extract can remove the smell and bacteria from meat and seafood, plus making the meat more tender.

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