Friday, 15 May 2015

Say No To Pesticides

Wash before you eat to avoid eating pesticides residue

Most of the fresh produces that we bought from market contain high amount of pesticides which may affect health and environment. It is always advisable to wash before eat/cook to ensure that they are clean. However,  do you really know they are clean and safe to eat?

There are water-soluble and oil-soluble pesticides attached to vegetable and fruits' surface. With clean water, we can only remove water soluble pesticides, oil-soluble pesticides will still remain on the surface of fresh produces, there are not safe to eat!! Why not gives EnviroHome Food Wash a chance to help you remove all the pesticides. 

Water can pass through broccoli only when the wax has been removed

The chemical FREE, bubble FREE, fragrance FREE, color Free EnviroHome Food Wash contain only 100% natural ingredients to "green clean" your fresh produces.

With deep sea extract, mineral salt, coconut oils and coconut shell, EnviroHome Food Wash helps to remove wax, pesticides, bacteria, wax, insecticides and preservatives from vegetables and fruits, keep the produces fresh and extending shelf life of fresh produces.

Wash vegetables and fruits is a must to remove pesticides, insecticides & wax 

Get Rid Of Fishy Smell

This Malaysia No.1 Food Wash not only for vegetables and fruits, it's 99.9% biodegradable formula, marine extract and coconut oil help to break down and kill the bacteria attached to seafood, poultry and raw meat surface, eliminate fish smell and preserve the freshness.

Wash seafood with EnviroHome Food to kill bacteria attached to seafood surface 

Natural VS Chemical:

EnviroHome Food Wash

Chemical Vegetable Cleaner

Its chemical-free, bubble-free, fragrance-free and colorant-free product. Using only marine extract and botanical extract to remove pesticides, was, insecticides, bacteria, preservatives and etc.  

It contain petrochemical synthetic materials, such as surfactant, formaldehyde, alkyl, toluene, alcohols, ether EDTA, chemical fragrances, colorants, antiseptic, stabilizers and etc.

99.9% biodegradable helps to break down pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals on vegetables, fruits, and grains.

It cannot thoroughly wash away pesticides, preservatives and insecticides, and need more and more water to wash away the chemical residue.

Keep fruits, vegetables fresh and green, extends the cold storage time.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will lost annually due to spoilage after wash.

Remove dead cells and bacteria attached on raw meat and seafood, and eliminate the smell of fish.

Chemical residue supports the growth of bacteria and produce dirty foam when cooking meat.

Safe to use and don’t have to worries about chemical residue on washed fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood 

Those chemical residues remain on the produce that cannot be dissolved and cause diseases.

Soaking period must less than 5 minutes to prevent nutrients loss


To clean vegetables and fruits: Squeeze 1-2 pumps of EnviroHome Food Wash into 1 litre of clean water and mix thoroughly. Soak the vegetables and fruits into the solution for 2-3 minutes (maximum 5 minutes to prevent nutrients loss from soaking). Rub gently with fingers if needed and rinse with running water.

To clean seafood and raw meats: Squeeze 1-2 pumps of EnviroHome Food Wash into 1 litre of clean water and mix thoroughly. Place seafood or raw meat into the solution and gently rub to clean. 

* It's normal for used water to appear dirty and smell fishy. Drain dirty water and repeat rinsing with running water.

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