Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Home Remedies You Can Find In Kitchen

Kitchen is your new beauty salon?

Kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also a place for beauty. Here are some quick fix to help beautify yourself in a hurry.

get rid of bags under-eye 

 1 Spoon

Cold metal spoon can shrink pores and cure under-eye bags and puffy eyes. If you noticed the problem in the morning, drink plenty of water to flushes the area and cause the swelling to go down, then placed cold metal spoon on your eyes for a few minutes.

Cling films not only to keep food fresh, it keeps your skin fresh too.

 2 Cling Films

A book, The Japanese Skincare Revolution, says steaming your face under the cover of a cling film mask (with holes for the nose and mouth, obviously), is the secret to younger, smoother and beautiful skin. Wrap your hands and fingers with cling-film sheet after apply hand cream, and putting warm gloves on for 30-45 minutes can enhance skin care penetration. 

Wrap your body in cling wrap when you exercise can be dangerous as it doesn't allow sweat to evaporate and cool your body. This can cause your body to reach unhealthy temperatures and may be deadly. 

Sugar is a natural exfoliating ingredients that helps to remove dead skin cells


The little granules of sugar scrape away dead skin with a relatively gentle touch, leaving your skin baby soft and smooth. 

When you think about sugar scrub, consider the key ingredient: white sugar is softer, so can generally be used on face and sensitive skin, brown sugar which is the little coarse for body scrub. Raw sugar is more naturally coarse is usually reserved for hand and foot scrubsKindly do a small patch test if you aren't sure how your skin will react.

egg whites are well known for tightening skin

 4Egg White

Studies have shown that egg proteins significantly contribute in maintaining the elasticity of skinSimply separate egg yolk and egg white, and make sure you mix your egg white really well each times you use it (by mixing it you will obtain a foamy egg white look ). Gently apply a thin layer of egg whites and let it dry up. Rinse off after it has dried.

To suit different skin type, you may mix the egg whites with other ingredients:
Dry skin : egg white with avocado
Oily skin : egg white with lemon
Combination skin : egg white with yogurt 
Sensitive skin : egg white with honey

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