Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Dirty Truth

Do you know that chopping vegetables on chop boards are dirtier than toilet seats? As a matter of fact, the truth are always hurtful, the kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house.

Kitchen is dirtier than toilet

Toilet seats arent that dirty

University of Arizona has done some research about bacteria on excrete objects and found out that toilet seats arent the dirtiest thing in a household. 

Research states that every square inches has approximately 50 types of bacteria on a toilet seat, a chopping board has 3 times the number of a toilet seat, a cloth has 6 thousands types of bacteria every square inches, a kitchen basin has 3 times the number of a toilet seat, but this isnt as scary as you think.

Kitchen Sponge has 200 times more bacteria than toilet seat

You must know that a sponge has approximately 10 million types of bacteria every square inches making it placing at the highest rank as it has 200 times more than toilet seat! Normally a sponge is for doing the dishes, logically it should be the cleanest but it isnt.


Why fecal bacteria will appear in the kitchen?

Excrement wont be locate in the kitchen but fresh meats or intestines will have fecal bacteria.

Use one chopping board for meat and another one for vegetables

Chopping board

When preparing ingredients, we normally will forget about separating the equipment for raw and cooked foods. For convenience, chopping boards will be reuse after preparing raw ingredients for cooked ingredients, that is why bacteria will stay on the chopping board.

Tips: Use to chopping boards each for raw ingredients and cooked ingredients to avoid bacteria staining. Use a sponge to scrub it clean and air dry after used.

Replace kitchen sponge regularly


Being the dirtiest object in the household, sponge has the most bacteria due to long term staying in a wet state. That is why things that has been touched by it will leave behind bacteria.

Tips: After using the sponge to scrub a chopping board that has been used to chop fresh meat, immediately wash the sponge once more and let it air dry.
Put the sponge in boiling water once every week to kill bacteria. If the sponge has change colour or has holes with mold, it means the sponge has been used for too long, change a new one immediately.

Kitchen sink provide an excellent environment for bacteria growth

Kitchen sink

Some people like to put fresh meats under the tap to rinse. This not only wont kill bacteria but the flowing water will spread the bacteria.

Tips: Place the fresh meat in a bowl and use cold water with natural ingredients cleaning agent to go through the process.

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