Wednesday, 15 April 2015

To Shampoo Or Not To Shampoo?

There are harmful chemicals in our hair care range

Even if its just wash your hair, theres more than enough of chemicals being absorb into your body. 

To shampoo or not to shampoo? 

Scalp Problem 

When theres enough time, you will get up early to have your hair wash but this only give bigger chance for poison absorption. Sometimes, you think the scalp problem is related with physical or emotional stress, however scalp problem can be cause by precutaneous toxicity.

Pore-clogging ingredients can be found in hair care products

Itchy scalp 

Shampoos and conditioners may clog the pores and follicles of scalp, block the scalp to breath naturally. This can lead to irritation and inflammation which eventually lead to itching. 

Rinse hair thoroughly after conditioner

Hair Damage

If shampoo impurities damage level is the same as as a bomb, than a conditioner is an atomic bomb! This is because antiseptic, antistatic agents and softener inside a conditioner is so much more than shampoo. That's why we have a smooth and delicate hair after apply conditioner, however, they will seriously damage your hair.

Conditioner contain more toxic chemicals than shampoo

Hair Loss

Besides, colorant and synthetic perfumes from shampoos and conditioners provide comfortable sensations letting you forget that you are just having a shower. If you keep using these comedogenic products, your hair will become lesser and lesser.

Tips: Dont use shampoo for 2 times in a day and skip a daily conditioner.

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