Thursday, 26 March 2015

Avoid being poisoned

Although most people say that food poison can be cause by any types of reasons but food preparation is also one of the reason food poisoning happens.

Be careful when buying food is the first step to ensure food safety

Foods that are polluted maybe is because of the discipline that isnt that strict, or bad producing company, supplying company or even black market products. But for humans in the food chain, we cant do anything about it, we just have to know the right way of food processing and knowledge to ensure the safety of health. Be careful when buying food products is the first step to ensure food safety. When picking ingredients, follow the following steps:

Reducing the risk of food poisoning when purchasing food

Safe purchasing:
  • Stick to safe and qualified store
  • Stick to buying dry ingredients, cans and packaged foods
  • Check the package for any damage
  • Buy frozen, fresh or cooked foods the last
  • Check the expiring dates for dairy, seafoods, breads and cans to ensure that it is safe to consume
  • Place meat, fish or seafood in the front of you shopping cart and separate them when putting in plastic bags to avoid leaking and mixed
  • Purchase frozen ingredients below the load line
  • Separate hot and cold foods in the shopping cart
  • Cleaning agents and other products must be separated

Leaking products 

Dont purchase:
  • Rusted, bend or expand can foods
  • Opened or damaged packages
  • Leaking products
  • Damaged opened packages
  • Dirty and broken eggs
  • Changed coloured and moulded products
  • Peculiar smell and unpleasant colour looking fishes and meats
  • Damaged skin fruits and vegetables
  • Green or with bud potatoes
  • Frozen food that arent being frozen
  • Expired products

Go back home instantly after shopping

At the same time, after paying:
  • Go back home instantly
  • If the journey to home is longer than 30 minutes, then place hot foods separately
  • If you still have other places to go, then pay them later
  • after reaching home. immediately wash fresh and frozen ingredients Cut them to store in the freezer
  • Clean you hands before and after managing seafoods and meat

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