Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Invisible Killer

You can absorb up to 2kg of chemical through your skin each year

The worlds most remote distance isnt life to death but percutaneous toxicity by your side that you had no idea it is harmful!

What is percutaneous toxicity?

Only 10% chemicals will excrete from body, 90% of them still with you

We care about foods and personal hygiene but leave out caring about whether the products we use on our body are safe. 

According to surveys, theres 515 type of chemical substances going in and out of the human body every day, 10% of the poison will only excrete from urine, sweat, hair and nails after 10 days. Dont forget that theres still 90% of the poison is still in our body, they are percutaneous toxicity.


Percutaneous Toxicity Is Everywhere

Your laundry detergent may be harzadous to your health 

Percutaneous toxicity is always by our side from day until night, they are like ghost waiting for the right moment to attack. Maybe you are just too naive to think that doing cleaning the right way can prevent percutaneous toxicity.

Chemical can be absorb through skin and into the blood stream causing toxic effects

In reality, It doesnt matter how many times you brush your teeth, wash your face or even hair washing to the extreme stage. Washed, wore, used, sprayed, mopped, all these are being used by poison chemicals and will be absorb through our skin and into then blood stream, finally spread to whole body.


Chemical may cause reaction on the skin surface

Percutaneous toxicity may cause skin irritation and allergies reactions but most of the time its not that obvious, plus it can add up to more than a year. Once you had realise its existence its probably too late. 

It not only damage the immune system but also messes up hormones causing unable to become pregnant, metal malformation, nervous damage and so much more. This is also why many people care so much about eating healthy to prevent any sickness.

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