Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Are Your Skin Care Products Making You Sick?

Most cosmetics and skin care products have tons of toxic chemical

A research from Britain states that European women absorb up to 2.3kg of chemical through their daily beauty routine by using cosmetics and skin care products. These chemicals are being absorb by skin causing damages thats why its called percutaneous toxicity.

Are you really free from chemicals?

Toxic chemicals are everywhere as they come from the household products and cosmetics products which we used daily. If you still dare to say it doesnt happen to you, let me tell you the truth.

Accusation 1: Brush Teeth

Brush your teeth upon wake up 

Mothers always say brush your teeth in the morning, initiative face washing and teeth brushing make a good kid therefore you have a good hygienic habit. And because of the influence of television you will squeeze more than enough of toothpaste to brush your teeth to have more bubbles and a refreshing sensation.

A pea-sized amount of tooth paste is sufficient for adult 

In reality, it is treated as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) blowing agents as its a synthetic surfactant, it will enter the body through the oral mucosa. Accumulating this kind of poisonous substance can cause hair growth problem, eye sight weakening and cataract. 

Besides, toothpaste abrasion can damage the gums causing hypersensitive. Right amount of fluoride shell toothpaste will strengthen the resistance of acid, preventing caries, but too much of fluoride will cause dental fluorosis or chronic fluorosis.

Tips: Squeeze a small amount like pea-sized of tooth paste to brush your teeth, remember to rinse through to decrease the amount of percutaneous toxicity.


Accusation 2: Shower

People absorb 100 times more chlorine in a 10-minutes shower

After brushing, you may have a shower to kick start a brand new day. However, most of your shampoos and soaps contain a lot of the toxic chemicals such as surfactant, humectant, colorant and preservatives which will be absorbed into the skin and slowly damaging the immune system and cause sicknesses. 

At the same time, the toxic chemicals from shampoos may react with the chlorine in your tap water to create more chemical chaos. Therefore, you will absorb 100 times more chlorine in a 10-minutes shower.  

Parabens have been found in breast tissue and breast cancer tumors

Paraben in a womans breast cancer tumors, but this doesn't mean much. Paraben have been found in many other tissues because of their wide use.

Until now,  lack of long term use of paraben products will be issued on the current clinical breast cancer as evidence but paraben in breast cancer cell is proved to be helping the cells of growth.

Tips: Breast cancer patients and children under 3 years of age should avoid using paraben products.

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