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How To Store Food Safely?

Working mothers and working lady always go to markets or grocery stores during weekend to buy fresh meats, then placing them in the fridge right away thinking that the frozen area in the fridge is cold enough, long term placing wouldnt be a problem. 

Make sure food has cooked down before put it in the fridge

Check Expiration Dates

In fact, frozen meats also have expiration dates and fresh meats, frozen meats and cooked meats all have its own particular expiration dates.

(0 or below)
Thawed in
Raw Meats (beef, pork, veal, lamb)

Ground Meats
1 year
2 days
Roasts, Steaks, & Chops
3-5 days
Poultry (turkey, chicken)

Whole bird, cuts or pieces
1 year
2 days
Ground poultry
3 months
Fried/Breaded Chicken (nuggets, patties, pieces)
Fish & Seafood

Raw Lean Fish (tilapia, cod, catfish, trout, etc...)
1 year
2 days
Fatty Fish (salmon, tuna, sea bass, etc…)
3-6 months
Cooked Fish
5-7 days
Processed Meats

Hot Dogs (unopened)
9 months
2 weeks
Lunch Meats
1-2 months
3-5 days
Ham (opened/unopened)
1-2 months/1 year
1 week/2 weeks
Bacon (opened/unopened)
2 months/6 months
Pepperoni, Salami
6 months
1 month
Sausage (raw/smoked)
6 months/9 months
2 days/1 week

Source: Meat Handling Document – Food Gatherers (02/03/14)

Once you missed the expiration date, the nutrients and freshness of the food will slowly fade its colour due to oxidation, even if it looks fresh on the outside, its rotten on the inside! For your family and your own health, you must know the correct ways to place meats.

Meat can be place into fresh meat and frozen meat

Storing Meat

Meats can be place into fresh meats and frozen meats in the supplied market. Fresh meats must be fresh and have elasticity, lean meat should be tender and bright red while fat meat should be white not yellowish or reddishFrozen meat should be hard as ice, fat white, if its already defrost and not solid, then its not suitable for long term placement in the fridge. 

Place frozen meats on a plate or container before thawing them in the refrigerator 

Freeze The Meat Immediately 

Once home, you should separate long term and short term placement for frozen foods, short term placement foods should be place in a lower temperature in the normal storage while long term placement should be place in the frozen storage.

For fresh meats, slice them in cubes and place them in containers for convenience and speed up the frozen time to maintain the quality of the meats.

Fish cannot be stored as long as other animals meat

Freezing Fish

Remember when temperature haven't hit -30c, fishes are easily dehydrate and change its state, therefore fishes arent suitable for long term placement.

Tips: Wash fishes using EnviroHome Food Wash before storage, wash the outer part to clean away dirt and kill bacteria, then remove the gills and intestines. After cleaning, dry the fish and put some salt on it then only store it.

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