Friday, 3 April 2015

Detox Your Body

Stop the haze

Lots of unsafe foods around makes us uncomfortable, we try our best to make it safe but forget about the poisonous substances flying around the air. Poison in foods or air, its not an easy task.

The air we breathe is often filled toxic and unwanted gasses

1.    Lung Detoxing
Lungs are the most easy organs to accumulate poisonous substance because the respiratory system is to move fresh air in and get waste gasses out of the body. An average of 8000g of air being breath into the lungs letting dusts, viruses to attack on them.

Detoxing: Cough up the poisonous gasses: Choose a confartable and clean space during the morning or after rain, raise your arms and take a deep breathe in (inhale), then coughing up mucus while you inhale deeply. At the same time, quickly place down your arms to let air to flow out your nose. Repeat it 10 times, breath normally in between.

Foods: black fungus, carrots, mushrooms, lilies

Exercise is always good for mental and physical health

2.  Liver Detoxing
Liver is the main poison-detoxifying organ in the body as it can breaks down virtually everything toxic to the body. Regarding to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 11pm until 3am is an important time for liver to undergoes detoxification process. It is the best to remain asleep to help with detoxing. 

Detoxing: Exercise. Outdoor activities can increase body energy, immune energy and give pressure to the liver to detox, helping with the nervousness of organs and increase blood circulation.

Foods: carrots, grapes, onions, bitter

A glass of warm water after waking up will flush unwanted toxic out of your body

3. Kidney Detoxing
Kidney is the main organ to excrete waste, adjusting water, electrolyte and acid base balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) mention that 5am until 7am is the time period kidney to detox. Body going through a night of recovery, all the poison will concentrate in the kidney.

Detox: Drink a warm glass of water after wake up to cleanse your kidney and flush unwanted toxic out of your body.

Foods: cucumber, yam, cherry, melon

Increase fluid intake is a must for good health

4. Intestines Detoxing
The main job of large intestines is to remove water and salts from the undigested material and to form solid waste that can be excreted. However, as many as 20% people struggle with constipation, if it stays blocked up in your body, toxins and hormones have the chance the be re-absorbed back into the body rather than getting out of there.

Detoxing: Drink more water and up your fiber intake. More vegetables and fruits to keep your bowel movements healthy.

Foods: black fungus, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, flax seed

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