Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Raw Vegetables VS Cooked Vegetables

Westerns love eating vegetables raw, Asians like it cooked, but which way is the most logic way of eating?

Cooked or raw? Which one healthier?

Medical research has proven that vegetables have an immune substance called interferon inducer which has the ability to control cancer cells and antibacterial in a human body becoming a shield for the cells in a human body. However this type of immune substance arent suitable for high temperature, it can only be effective by eating them raw.

Wash your produce before eat it

You must be alert that vegetables have to be bought from a clean store and the colour should be vibrant not dull as well as the smell should be normal. Wash the vegetables using cleaning agent before eating them, then rinse them with water to remove to pesticides.

People with weak digestion are advice to blanch the vegetables

Stimulating organs

For people with weak digestion, eating raw vegetables can damage your organs, sometimes causing vomit, diarrhea and bloating. We advice to blanch the vegetables for a minute to remove the pesticides and at the same time remain the vitamins and minerals.

Although cooking, steaming can cause some parts of the nutrient to be loss but raw eating cant be considered the only consideration. Raw eating can give us vitamin C and other nutrients but the carotene, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium and fibber are nutrients that are suitable for heating.

 Do not leave the carrot juice open in the fridge for longer than a day 

Dont waste nutrition

Eat more cooked vegetables can give us enough vitamin K we need, tomatoes have lycopene, carrots have carotene B all because of oil soluble nutrient, thats why nutritions are easier to absorb after cooking. 

Other than that, the oil soluble vitamin A in carrots can only be absorb into the human body while theres oil laden on the food. Dont want to waste nutrients, we advise to add some salad dressings while eating carrots.

Some produces need heat to bring out the best in them

Fried vegetables

Fried vegetables are easy to prepare. Research shows that using big fire to fried vegetables will loose 15% of vitamin C. If the vegetables are being stewed after frying, vitamin C will be lost up to 60%

When frying vegetables, use big open fire and quick frying to decrease to percentage lost of nutrients and add a little bit of vinegar to maintain the vitamins.

A bowl of vegetable soup helps you warm up your body

Vegetable soup

When cooking, 30%~70% of vitamin C and water soluble nutrients will dissolve into the soup. After frying cabbages, 70% of vitamin C will dissolve into the soup. 

Put some peas into the soup to boil for 3 minutes, half of the vitamin C will also dissolve into the soup. Use water to  check it once more, remove oxalic acid, nitrite and pesticides, adhere to use less oil and salt when cooking to make the soup even more healthy.

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