Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Vegetables You Should Never Eat

Vegetables bought from the market are normally rinse by water before eating. It can easily cause pesticides to be swallowed into our stomach, but some ways to wash vegetables arent that safe also, we can only help ourselves by taking care of our health.

Taking care of our health

Only if you know to use chemical free and natural products to wash your vegetables and fruits, otherwise you will have to avoid eating the following 3 vegetables.


Farmers will ignore the safety limits of pesticides to harvest the corps quicker than normal time

1. Rushing into harvest crops:

To avoid natural disaster to hit the crops, farmers will ignore the safety limits of pesticides to harvest the crops quicker than normal time. Other than that, dont forget that we are used to buy loads of vegetables before any celebration to store and keep, therefore, farmers will have to follow the demands in the market and harvest the crops earlier than before.


There are environmental and health impacts to eat out of season produce

2. Out of season vegetables:

Expensive doesnt always mean fresh! In season vegetables are cheaper and the nutrition value are also higher, instead out of season vegetables arent that good compare to in season vegetables because of the unnatural way of planting. Therefore, they need a huge amount of pesticides, chemical fertiliser and even ripening agent to grow.


Capsicums has a much higher percentage of pesticide 

3. Continuity harvest vegetables:

So called continuity harvest vegetables are from the same stem, the presence of non harvest seeds from opened flower and ripe seeds. Long beans, peas, four seasons beans and cucumber and others are this type of vegetables. They are harvest when ripe but most of the time are being sprayed with pesticides and even will happen immediate harvest after spraying pesticides situation, thats why they contain high risk of health problems.



Mix water with Food Wash to wash away the pesticides properly

Right way to wash vegetables: 

Pump chemical free and natural cleaning agent into the water, soak vegetables and fruits for 2 to 3 minutes, cant be longer than 5 minutes otherwise the the nutrients will be loss. You can rub them during the soaking process then rinse them with water to let the pesticides to leave the vegetables and fruits.

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