Thursday, 26 March 2015

Food Safety Alert

Wash the produce before you cook to prevent pesticides

The biggest threat of food safety is pesticides. You may want to follow your friend's healthy diet plan but don't blindly follow it, wash away pesticides and insecticides from our produce before cooking is the best way to have healthy meal!

For those ripen and spoil quickly, you may try the following cleaning process regarding their botanical families:

Rough surface must take extra care 

1. Solanaceae: Potatoes, Tomatoes, Eggplants

TipsBrush off the soil from potatoes with soft brush, then soak it with EnviroHome Food Wash, and gently rub with your fingers. Soak for 2-3 minutes and rinse with flowing water. For rough surfaces, cut or peel the skin thicker than usual after wash to thoroughly remove unwanted pesticides. 


Soak and rub with fingers to remove the wax

2. Brassicas: Cabbages, Broccolis, Cauliflowers, Radishes, Mustard Greens

TipsRemove damaged leaves from cabbages and mustard greens, pluck the leaves and soak them into water with EnviroHome Food Wash for few minutes, and then rinse with flowing water. For broccoli and cauliflower, soak it with EnviroHome Food Wash for 2-3 minutes, and gently rub with fingers to remove the wax, then rinse with flowing water.   

Use Soft brush to brush of rough surface

3. Cucurbitaceae : Cucumber, Pumpkins, Melons 

TipsSoak with EnviroHome Food Wash for few minutes, use soft brush to brush off  rough surface, and rinse with flowing water. Kindly cut off pedicel before you eat.

Wash before you eat

Must Know:

Peeled Skin Fruits: Papayas, mangoes, watermelons, pineapples, bananas

TipsEven if the skin has to be removed, you still have to wash them before you eat to prevent pesticides enter your body.

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