Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sugar-free Food Aren't What They Claim

Dont get bluffed by advertisements!

When you see phrases like low in sugar, fat free, sugar free you will probably think its healthier and feel safe to eat, but is it true?

According to nutrition claims from European Commision, sugar free products doesn't contain any mono- or disaccharides or any other food used for its sweetening properties. 

A claim that a food is low in sugars may only made where the product contains no more than 5g of sugars per 100g for solids, or 2.5g of sugars per 100ml for liquids.

However, company can make a sugar-free of low in sugar claims by using artificial sweeteners. Hence sugar-free can still be full of calories and carbohydrates.


Non-added juice wont be considered sugar free!

Juice with No Added Sugar!?

Therefore, even 1 cup of 100% non-added apple juice wont be considered sugar free or low in sugar just because of its natural sugar rate is higher. At the same time, suppliers will try to maintain the taste of sugar free as they will add sweetener to substitute sugar, thereby selling it low in sugar.

Sweeten the taste

Even no sugar added products arent good for health, especially sugar free beverage labeling zero calories but with lots of chemical, colouring and artificial  sweetener. 

These artificial sweetener will eventually make the consumers addicted to the taste. Once you are used to the more concentrated taste, natural sweetness from fruits and vegetables will be tasteless.


Artificial sweetener can cause you to become addicted to them

Artificial sweetener Make You Gain Weight

Besides, sugar free products with artificial sweetener can stimulate food desire and make you fatter, plus they arent healthy, consuming them will only bring bad effects. 

An American survey states that people who consume sugar free or low calories beverages for a long time will quickly become fatter than others, former peoples waistline growth rate will be 500% higher than latter peoples. 

Theres a report in other countries about lots eating xylitol can easily make a person vomit and have diarhea, although less eating of xylitol can have the same effect but less seriousness but absorbing after and excreting from urine will only harm your kidneys.

Sugar free may raise blood sugar

We always attracted by low in sugar and sugar free products. In reality, sugar free products can only assure there isnt any added on sugar but with loads of fats and starch. They are the same as white sugar as they raise blood pressure quickly and make a person fat, which brings patients with diabetes and patients who are losing weight trouble.

Fresh fruit in season instead of drinking juice


Don't be fooled by sugar-free label

If you really want to control blood sugar and stay away from being fat, eating more coarse grains, beans and potatoes, using natural fresh fruits substituting sweet beverages, not relying on low in sugar and sugar free products. In conclusion, these are just scam ideas suppliers use to attract customers.

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