Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The More You Wash, The Dirtier It Gets

Do you really know how to clean vegetables?

Everyone knows that washing vegetables and fruit after buying is a must but do you know that the wrong way to clean will cause them to be even poisonous?

Rinsed rice water do contains bacteria, dirt & pesticides

MythRinsed rice water keep the nutrient in the vegetables

FactRinsed rice water also contains many bacteria, dirt and pesticides. It normally only used a bucket of water therefore it isn't enough to wash away the pesticides of vegetables. Once the rice are being soak, the bucket of rinsed rice water will become a pond full of pesticides, how can you continue to use it to wash vegetables?

MythOzone machine can remove pesticides

FactSo many ozone machines in the market but the cleaning ability is the same as clear water. Other than some types of pesticides cant be broken down, once ozone and nitrogen on vegetables collides and react, it will form nitrate. If ozone is left in the air, it can harm our health.

Other than that, if ozone machine is being use in a place where air flow isnt that good or long term breathing ozone, it can cause pulmonary fibrosis and chronic bronchitis.

The amount of salt you consume has a direct effect on your blood pressure

MythSalt can be us to kill bacteria on vegetables and fruits

FactSalt definitely can remove worm eggs but it will lower the ability of cleaning from the water. Once the concentration of salt is high, it will become an osmotic pressure and let the pesticides to dissolve into the vegetables and fruits; low concentration salt is mainly use to dissolve protein, it cant help with the dissolving of pesticides. Other than that, long time containing salt vegetables are bad for patients with high blood pressure and kidney problems.

MythWash after cutting

FactVegetables after being cut will have mark damages on the surface, if they under go soaking and wash, it will cause nutrient to be loss. Once the vegetables contact with air, it will speed up the oxidation process. Other than that, pesticides can also stick and remain in vegetables and fruits.

The best soaking time should be less than 5 minutes

MythExtend the soaking time

FactSoaking time more than 30 minutes can damage the leaves and even vitamins and proteins can be loss. Pesticides are mainly organophosphorus thats why it cant be remove by water or even extending the soaking time cant give back any reaction.

How to properly wash fruits and vegetables?

Organic also need to be washed
Dont think that organic vegetables and fruits can be wash casually or eat then immediately. Organic doesnt always means that its free from chemical, some are sprayed with natural pesticides and fertilisers only, doesnt mean it doesnt affect your health.ah them before eaten them!

Right way to wash
Most pesticides are contactable meaning that it stays on the surface only, therefore removing the skin can assure your health without any worries. For vegetables and fruits that cant remove the skin, a profession advice to use water to wash but pesticides doesnt only contain water soluble ones, oil soluble pesticides must be remove by cleaning agent.

To avoid a second time, cleaning agent must be chemical free and natural,the simple the ingredient the better. Using natural cleaning ability and anti bacteria to remove pesticides and bacteria and wax then use water to rinse to remove them.

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