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Vegetables with holes are cleaner? Don’t be naive!

Vegetables with holes are clean?

Vegetables that have vibrant and fresh colour will normally be labelled as not healthy, therefore some people will pick vegetables that have been bitten by bugs because bugs patronise them. Is that true?

Most people think that vegetables with bug bites are the cleanest because they dont contain pesticides, therefore bugs like to eat them making us safer to eat them. It seems true but its not! Vegetables with bug bites are just proofs that those bugs have not been killed by pesticides, you cant really confirm about the presence of pesticides on a certain vegetable.

  Farmers using high residue pesticide

Theres no such thing as the most poisonous, only more poisonous
You cant prevent vegetables having bug bites, vegetables and fruits have already been eaten by bugs long before having to spray on pesticides. Professions have said that you cant prevent it from happening when it is from a farm. Once a crop has been damaged by bugs, you cant really do anything. 

Another way of saying is that once a vegetable has bug bites, the only way of saving is to use more pesticides!

Pesticides don't have time for degradation before selling to markets

High residue pesticide
Other than that, normal looking vegetables need 6 to 7 days to have a natural degradation way to remove pesticides, but the pesticides we have contact with are pesticides that have been sprayed on after harvest. Therefore, the pesticides dont have time for degradation before selling to markets but they are more dangerous than vibrant coloured vegetables.

In conclusion, the outer surface of vegetables cant give out any information about the presence of pesticides, even self planted vegetables can also be dangerous due to not having regulatory authorities. We advise to purchase vegetables from supermarkets and grocery stores, other than washing with water before eating, it is best to use natural cleaning agent to easily remove water soluble and oil soluble pesticides.

On a same field
Though outer surface of a vegetable cant confirm the safeties of your health but it is safer than vegetables with special smells. Because smells from vegetables are a kind of pesticide.

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