Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tips For Choosing Fresh Vegetables

Choose produce carefully

When you accidentally choose vegetables with loads of pesticides, these poisons can end up in your food and potentially harmful effects on your health. Be careful when you buy vegetables. 

Make sure vegetables have consistently colored


Most of time, vegetables can be separated into dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, amaranth and light green leaves like lettuce and cabbage. Those that lost their original greens and look may have been sprayed or soaked in pesticides. 

Tips:  Pay attention to the surface of the vegetable and make sure it's consistent, evenly colored, and firm all the way around.

Choose the regular size of vegetables to avoid growth hormone


Vegetables which larger than regular are usually inject with growth hormone and raised with chemical fertilizers, this cause the shape to look odd. For example, leeks have narrow leaves and generally more strongly flavored, while the leeks raised with chemical fertilizers will have leaves wider than usual. 

Tips: Choose the ones that go through normal planting and without any growth hormone injected that have normal looking shapes.

Fruits and vegetables taste best when eaten in season



Fruits and vegetables in season are usually at the peak of its freshness, flavor, and nutritional content. However, the out-of-season produces need more chemical fertilizers, growth hormone, pesticides to enhance the growth of plant.   

Tips: Fruits and vegetables taste best when eaten in season, there are also rich in nutrient and even more cheaper.

At least 3 dishes of vegetables and 2 portion of fruits per day


How to Eat Healthy?

Taiwan's Department of Health (DOH) suggested a daily intake of 2-4 portion of fruits, 3-5 dishes of vegetables and 1.5-4 bowls of whole grains. DOH also recommend 3-8 portion of fish, meat and eggs per day, 1.5-2 cups of low-fat dairy products, 3-7 teaspoons of fats and 1 portion of nuts.

Before you eat/cook, don't forget to wash your produces with EnviroHome Food Wash, and rinse with flowing water to wash away pesticides and insecticides. 

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