Wednesday, 25 March 2015

OMG, You're Eating Insecticide

Don't wait to get help! 

Eating vegetables is good for your health but eating too much may cause slow death, what is the situation here?!

According to medical research review stated that 80%-90% of sickness is the cause of a bad environment. The cause of environment pollution can be divided into physics, chemistry and biology, one of them is chemical substances affecting the environment with 80%

When we investigate the culprit of environment pollution, 95% and above are poisonous substances, pesticide is the most of it. Pesticide is a big problem in our life as it affects our health.

Insecticides and pesticides in produce

Poison contact everyday

Bringing up pesticide remains on vegetables, you will automatically think of chemical fertiliser. If it is true, then you are just too naive! In fact, pesticide appears the most is organic phosphorus which stands 80% to 90%.It is an insecticide. Carbamates is the second most use which stands 11.5%. In other words, we consume pesticide all day long.

Pesticide with organic phosphorus are often use to prevent worms, its concentrated and can use in different situation, human body would not accumulate this substance. 

Dont think that its fine that it is not in our body, it affects us too. It is shamed that phosphorus has different types of poison but it is all very concentrated, only some are less.

Protecting your health from pesticides

Breathing to die

Human can avoid contacting high in organic phosphorus pesticide to prevent getting poisoned, breathing in pesticides can make you react to it in 5 minutes and make you die. Even it isnt very concentrated, a lot of amount can also affect your health. 

When organic phosphorus pesticide is in your body, it mainly damage your cholinesterase causing your mental system to break down, making your pupils smaller and breathing problems, or even worse, faint and die.

Carbamates will cause cancer


By comparison, carbamates is safer than phosphorus, it kills any insects and the affect on human is less poisonous, easy to dissolve. 

But when you cook vegetables with carbamates without cleaning them properly, consuming them after is bad. In the digestive system, it will response with nitrate becoming nitrosamines causing cancer. In other words, carbamates is a slow death path that tortures you by cancer.

The combination of Food Wash and water is the best way to clean vegetables

Say NO to insecticides

Even if we cant control the use of insecticide on vegetables, we can wash off the remains of them. Carbamates is a water-soluble pesticide, when preparing vegetables, remember to wash them throughly to be safe.

To remember, phosphorus pesticide cant dissolve in water. We advice to use water to rinse and non-chemical EnviroHome Food Wash that uses natural formula to soak for 2 to 3 minutes. The pesticide will instantly dissolve.

Even if the vegetables arent with pesticides, chemical fertiliser can also be hidden in leaves, it only makes the amount of worms more and the growth harder, that is why using pesticides can only prevent worms.

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