Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bathroom Organization Tips

Dont make an excuse that the space in the bathroom is too small as you dont need to tidy. Try these smart storage tips to make the most of a tiny bathroom.  

How to organize your bathroom?

Try ThisBuild a shelf or drawers under the sink to store small essentials like makeup and toiletries and keep them in dry condition. Or, add a tension rod under the sink for cleaning supplies. 

Don't miss out under-the-sink storage space

Try ThisInstalled a hanging shower caddy or shower rod in shower wall for extra hanging space for bath ball, scrub gloves, scrub towels and toiletries.

Include a shower caddy to save space

Try This: Put a rack on top of the toilet bowl to store towels, tissues and laundry to add more space for the bathroom.

Use the space over the toilet bowl for storage

Try ThisMirror can make the space look large, but you're advised to install a cabinet mirror instead of a normal mirror to maximize your storage space.  

Mirror make a small room look larger

Try ThisBathroom ledge is a good storage space for those stuffs that you don't often use. Add a small plant or diffuser on the ledge helps to freshen up your bathroom.

Small plant is a great ideal to dress up your bathroom

Reminder: Store things according to color or material can make your bathroom look even tidy, it is the best to do it on shelves.

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